Established by two talented designers, Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi, (nude) is a modern, contemporary brand, featuring one-of-a-kind knitwear with a well-defined identity. Long-term friends, the designers apply their excellent technical knowledge of yarns and knits which play with volumes and design, creating truly special, nowhere to be found, pieces.

Perfect contemporary simplicity, balanced with sensual, sophisticated femininity, help the designers find harmony while being inspired by all things—from objects and places, to people and events. Great technical knowledge and unique attention to color, combined with their endless research for new yarns – all contribute to (nude)’s unique niche in today’s ready-to-wear market.

While designing knitwear for various high-end luxury brands, Luana and Marinella always dreamt of sharing their vision by creating their own collection. After a long journey, we are pleased to share their dream come true: The (nude) collection.


The birth of G-Spectacles has its roots in the history of G-Sevenstar, born many years ago in a family optical store, in Sicily, where a grandfather of the pioneer industry began an adventure in the name of eyewear.

In 2012, G-Sevenstars was born the 2.0 creature of a family that has glasses in its DNA and that has transformed its business from traditional to innovative. By combining Italian know-how with the fashion trend and market demand, G-Sevenstars offers a unique product: the 100% made in Italy eyewear production, the stylistic research of the details and the use of exclusive materials, are the characterizing aspects of the brand. Each model lends itself like a real piece of craftsmanship, unique and defined in all its technical and aesthetic aspects.

The G-Spectacles collection is composed and presents a series of new models, which, while maintaining the distinctive stylistic trait of the original brand, differ from the matrix collection for new shapes, colors, lenses and innovative materials: metal, golden and silver, blends with cellulose for an incredibly glamorous result but above all quality.

The models draw on vintage shapes, but with a contemporary reinterpretation, ample space for round lenses and curved frames, reinvented in a futuristic key. All lenses are ultralight and ergonomic, making the eyewear suitable for daily wear.

The production is entirely made in Italy and is focused on the research of stylistic details and minutiae, such as the riveted hinges, the glue of different slabs and special laser engraving, made by hand, which make each eyewear an exclusive piece of pure craftsmanship.

The numerous colors and types of frames make G-Spectacles goggles ideal to meet the different needs and personality of the customer, from the most classic to the most glamorous through the sophisticated.